"Tan Attack a Warhammer 40k playing table"


Jesus, this is amazing.

they’re fucked once the IG bring out the Baneblade

the sparks and the muzzleflash look a bit pasted on but i like the tracers

How can I improve on making them less pasted on looking?

Bit of photo shopping, just make them darker, or the same lighting as the area. They’re already very different colours to the rest of the screenshot so it won’t be difficult highlighting them and changing them without touching the rest of the picture.

first of all, the sparks don’t really look like sparks at the moment, more like splashes of yellow, glowing liquid. the density of the spark clusters also makes it look like they’re all erupting almost exactly at the same time: don’t wary only the size of the sparks, but also the density. you should make them sharper too and add the glow with a big, soft and low-intensity brush instead of following the shape of the effect, because that usually makes things look blurry. also, don’t forget to add some orange, plain yellow doesn’t look good too often

to better explain what i mean, here’s how i usually make my sparks nowadays


mostly white with yellowish orange around the edges, faint glow, warying shapes and sizes

tracers look really good

the SDOF is really weird

I’m not sure if it’s my computer, but it’s a corrupted image when I view it.

your really weird

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try right clicking>viewImage

Ah, more toy soldiers.


Until then they’ll be dying to a man.

Goddamn Departmento Munitorum and their budget cuts. Maybe if they gave everyone carapace armour and harder-hitting versions of the lasgun/flashlight, they wouldn’t be such cannon fodder.

But yeah, Tan boys are gonna get steam-rollered when the Baneblade arrives.

Quick roll a D6 for leadership!

Tan’s fucked once the Stormhammer shows up, fuck the Baneblade.

That’s a rather nice paint job on those Guardsmen. Not too sure about the Chimera without a turret though, seems like a backwards conversion.

Good picture though, shame the Tan soldiers look almost white to my eyes.

Bear in mind that most Imperial/Chaos super-heavy tanks are basically the Baneblade chassis with different weapons, and that includes the Stormhammer.

Stormhammer has like six cannons however

well shit thanks for the comments homies

Nah - in a lot of cases other superheavies are essentially gutted versions of the originals. With their rare high tech stuff replaced with easier to maintain and build technology.

So it’s not just a different weapon.

yeah brush off genuine criticism by turning it into an insult.