"Tan soldier getting mowed down by an M60."


Looking good as always. :smile:

:3 awwh

Should get some DoF, but anyways make sure no one steps on those :v:

I’ll be sure to pick em up!

Army men!

I loved these games.

we all did

oh man

i love you

Ahh… Memories…

Always <3

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Also, More to come, that’s for sure.

I fucking loved the Army Men games, I used to play them to death. This is so nostalgic.

This is amazing. That bird balancing on the tennis ball. So cool!

Oh wait…Your picture is also very cool. Good job.

This reminds me of Diskless’ work from way way back.

Very nicely done, man.

The Great Sandbox War. Lost a lot of good Greens in that hellhole…

thanks guys! I’ll be making a MUCH better one today.

Yeah this really does bring back memories.

Curious how you got the blood to be tan too.

changed the hue :v:

Oh Man Nostalgia…

Nope, Secrets :3

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and thanks guys!

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I’d rate you <3’s but im at school on a proxy :v: