"Tan soldiers attacked while patrolling uncharted lands"


i liked the gore on the guys head.

feels like you took the last picture and made it brighter

also where is erry1 getting that m113 from

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exploding plastic heads

“Bobby, get your damn toy soldiers off my warhammer table, the guys will be over any minute and I need to pick up some cheetos and soda!”

I must agree with you.
but, im working on making my poses more ‘actiony’ so bare with me

Imperial guard is on right looks like he is aiming towards us, yet he shoots laser to left.

im not saying the gun is completely accurate, but i see what your saying, noted.

What’s the point of toy soldiers if they aren’t tiny?

they’re on a warhammer40k playing table.

(googled a picture)


lol yeah

…ya know as detailed as these warhammer enviroments are , maybe you should try and make it look like the background is in a house or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Other then that sweet job

What angle the weapon is and is there big distance between the Guards and Tan soldiers?

this is getting really really old

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you just take a generic pose, add in wwii soldiers, and material them green/tan. it’s just old now.

then quit looking at them. you have a choice to click the title link or not.

haha yeah brush off actual criticism by getting all your friends to rate me dumb and saying “you don’t have to click the title you know”

funny how when i said the same thing four years ago i got dumb-bombed, isn’t it


hahahahah, holy fuck your going to try to start flaming.
I don’t want this to end up fucking stupid.
Its a goddamn video game, your C&C does nothing.
if youd like to comment, then by all means comment. but if all your going to tell me is “this is getting really really old
your just one of those little kids who actually cares about the rate system of a forum.
If you dont have ACTUAL constructive criticism. like how Joazz was the last thread then it’d be nice if you’d quit commenting. or simply quit living

omg no not a picture i made months ago i’ve since vastly outclassed with better work!!!

it’s like there’s some sort of “don’t criticise” rule with Angry Man, whenever i’ve seen someone criticise him they get dumb-bombed and everyone acts really nice to him for no reason. if a new member came in and posted the same works he does, they’d get thrown out of here.

damn, guess im gonna go listen to pink floyd and cry now…

i tried giving you CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, but you just laughed it off and went “wow you’re a loser get out”

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haha wow totally a rational and grown-up argument! i guess i’m just a little kiddie who cares about the ratings system!