''Tango down!'' American killing a Russian. (hand drawn muzzle-flash test)

I am sick of :google: and its boring muzzle-flashes, so I tried making one myself. C&C and some of that stuff.


Its a magic muzzeflash :toot:

Muzzleflash needs more

A bit too yellow, but it fits (quite).

Too many sparkie shit, it needs more flames.
And more hot colors, not only yellow.

When I hand-do muzzleflashes I mostly use the smudge tool to give it effect, dunno about others.

That is hot stuff!

Needs more solid white colour in the middle.

wth is this “russian” wearing? we don’t have such armor in our AF at all. And this Kalashnikov is barely functional :smiley:

omg whats that model? do want.

It shoots fairy dust.

WHAT. Where’d you get that Russian model O_O. I want :frowning:

Whoah, Where did you get both of those models? (please respond)

And great picture! I like the muzzleflash.

nice man


go here http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=85817


lol master your avatar is terrifying RAPIST CEREAL KID but yea it really does need someGLOW!!


http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=85817 go here

OMG thank you for the link to those models! My :respek: to you.

:respek: is mine



Needs a little more work, and the Ranger’s hand isn’t on the pump.