Tank brutally murdering Louis

First gore attempt in Photoshop. Hope you like it! Huge ass image.


its an accordian

Tank: Happy new year!
Louis: Its halloween today!

Proper brutal.

So I did a good job? Yes! I edited it a bit so there is a bit more realistic blood…

That blood is pretty bad, honestly. I shouldn’t be able to tell you used a brush.

“Realistic”? Good fucking lord, that stuff has the viscosity of jelly.

Looks good from the thumbnail

Hopefully this looks better…

Not really, and the posing is pretty dodgy, but I’ll give you points for the idea and for having the balls to try something so ambitious for a first attempt at gore. I wouldn’t try something that extreme, and I have a forensics book sitting next to my PC.

I think they’re supposed to be his intestines.

blood looks liek it was splattered on the camera rather than louis

Intestines are neither a single goopy homogenous substance, nor are they jelly-like in consistency.

maybe they’re movie intestines? :v:

Nah, you got a point there. but for a try at a gore edit it’s pretty good.

I think intestines are like jelly. They are really squishy and soft :3:

Not in the jelly sense.