Tank engaging an enemy Walker in a city street.

I had a lot of fun making and editing this one (except that the explosion was a pain to make look right). Took roughly 8 hours posing and editing. It was mostly made to mess around with a little technique to make a heat shimmer effect that I figured out.


What’s This?!

A couple of things to clear up:
-It’s not snowing, that’s ash.
-The brighter white blob behind the tank’s muzzle isn’t poorly done smoke amongst the well done smoke, it is a neon sign behind the tank (as you see in the original)
-Why is the explosion blue? Because its the fucking future. Everything is blue in the future.
-Scene build, awwww yea.

Comments, Praise, Criticism Please!

Great work. Fantastic scene-building and editing.

Oh yeah. What map is that?

Thanks, and it’s gm_aftermath_rc1a

Cool Mang.

Oh yeah, it’s the freaking future dude! Nice stuff in there.
Gonna post my version sometime later.

Imperial walkers on the North ridge.

I like your editing. Nice work.

Nice scenebuild…and nice editing…:smile:

Also what’s that blue turtle like thing near the explosion?

And I <3 your models :3: Also nice work.

Um… whut?


It’s part of the explosion.

Oh…a blue turtle hitting a walker…that makes sense ^^

IMO it should have a diffrent color.

Damn L4d, made me think there was a “Tank” fighting a walker and i thought , WTF? Now i get it haha. I Know you said its ash but it seems to me itd be a snowy scene, prolly cause of the lighting but good job overall , Nice before and after editing also.

Lol, that’s alright, you can think of it as snow if you want to, as long as you don’t question why there isn’t any snow on the ground (I went with ash because of that, and that it is more war-timey)

But snow would fit even more, considering the fact that those are a T-39 Bogatyr, a Type 4 Doragon and a A8 Tiger :techno: . All Battlefield 2142 vehicles and the enviroment looks like the european theatre to me, which is at the dawn of an ice-age.

You could have also said that the explosion from a A8 Tiger shell is also regularly colored, not blue.

You see, the thing is that this isn’t technically based on BF2142. I just used the vehicles. It isn’t supposed to be set in the BF2142 world with the ice age balderdash.

Why not ? It’s an interesting universe. :keke:
Ok, it’s your thing, what you do with 'em but it’s hard for a BF-Vet like me to simply look away from this connection.

Is it me, or is garrysmod.org download speed, like. Slow. VERY FUCKING SLOW. ?