TANK! - Ragmorph


I love this addon.

gm_flatgrass, one shot, one character

no effort


End of gmod machinima apocalypse.

I hate Sakaris88 now, god damn ragmorph means a shit storm of people with 10 sec videos, and sadly this is going to be one of the better ones.

I’ll take that as a compliment.

you definitely should

i don’t get it

He’s holding a gas tank in his Wobbleman hands. HOW EDGY AND INNOVATIVE!

I’m starting to get the idea you don’t think my video is very funny.

I strongly believe you spent more time encoding and uploading the video than actually creating it.

I respectfully disagree. I actually took a few shots because his arms would spaz out sometimes, and I spent a good time getting the right sounds and such. If this is not your type of humor and you prefer longer machinimas, then so be it.

Actually, this isn’t that bad, and it did make me chuckle. It is a 10 second video (or 30 seconds, whatever), but at least he actually put some effort into it, unlike that Ragmorph-Fu video.

how can he put alot of effort if he used ragmorph?

I didn’t say he used a lot, I’m just saying he put some effort into the video overall. It wasn’t some minge gameplay video he shat out in 5 minutes, but it isn’t an oscar winner either.

my point is ragmorph is almost effortless…

but it’s funny and in combination with an obvious joke, it’s hilarious!


I was about to rage until he went of screen and hit Francis. Then I was happy.

I laughed, it’s not that bad.