Tank shoots tank (smoke edit test thing idfk)

I forgot to put it in the title but as you may see it’s 1680 by 1050 so it’s kinda like a wallpaper if you want to
use it.
And if you are going to use it as your wallpaper, use the bmp version: http://file-hero.com/?id=9154909649779


I don’t believe rounds from a tank trace smoke like that, unless it was a rocket.

I like the editing very much, but unless that is a rockettank shooting a rocket, the flash and smoke trail of the shell is extremely unavailing.

I guess you guys didn’t know what a smooth boar barrel does.
It allow them to fire missles.

Durrrr, most tanks since ~1960 have smooth bore barrels. I don’t see how a smooth bore barrel allows them to fire missles. Explain + source if you mind.

all I remember is that the heat and the whilly pete round are usually rockets.

I find that impossible seeing how the Abrams main armaments are the Sabot and Heat rounds. Prove me wrong if you can, please.

Also, why is the Abrams firing at a Bradley?

Edit: They are also fin stabilized. They look like missiles but they’re not.

dem’ commies stole it!!!
I dunno I can’t find anything on the wiki I just remember something on the military channel saying something about it.

I have no idea what sides the tank are on, they’re probably on the same.
I didn’t really go for ultra realistic missiles don’t pop smoke abrams bradley tank wtf lol-
It’s the smoke that I wanted to improve on. there.


So comment on the editing, not… all that other shit.

FRIEENDLYYYY FIIIRRREEE! Also, tanks don’t shoot rockets.

I looks to me like the tank has a really fucking long barrel and its shooting from the end. Why is there a muzzle flash at the end of the smoke, that makes no sense to me.

I see this, M being MuzzleFlash:

When shouldn’t it be:



(Rocket ==== Muzzleflash Tank)

It’s not a muzzleflash.
It’s flames from the rocket/missile whatever the fuck you want to call it cuz that’s how I roll, once again it’s me trying to improve in editing, not knowledge in tanks.


and once again again, comment on the editing.
And if you do not know what I mean by that: the smoke the fire the rain the sky the lightning the shadowing the … VISUAL FXXX

K well, the muzzlerocketflashthing is going the wrong way, the tail should be behind it, and we should be able to see the shell or rocket.

<rocket| XXXrocketflameXX>tail-- 88888smoke8888888 --tank

It just confuses the hell outta me, everything is backwards, but the editting itself and the quality is good.

The flame is coming from the tail, to boost speed.
And you’re not very confusing yourself with your keydrawingthings.

I still would’ve fancied a muzzle-flash and explosion over smoke trail and projectile.

Tanks fire shells, like the equivalent of a massive bullet, so they’re wouldn’t be any external propulsion, and therefor no smoke. As stated before it needs a muzzle flash and concussive forces.

Well, still.

it’s terrible. just for the fact that a tank cannon does NOT shoot fucking rockets

It’s certainly not terrible.

I like it, without the trail the shell would be hard to spot, the image would look like two tanks sitting in the rain.
Sure it might be unrealistic but it looks cool.

i dont give a crap if tank rounds smoke like this, this is a awsome edit. well donne sir!