Tank standing around in an unknown city, waiting for new survivors

Last close-up because I only have 2 SIs left.:v:
Now I need ideas.
C&C please.


Some parts look waaaay to dark mate, but the detail on the shadows/lights around the face and arms is awesome.

I cant think of a good idea for a pose right now :saddowns:


Rain suddently stopping where the the lights appear is kinda bad, it either requires splashes or removing the rain.

Yeh his chest and feet got too dark.
Silly me.
Thx for critism.

Pretty nice. A bit dark and the rain doesn’t show so well against the light spots. But have an artistic anyway.

Not bad. Let’s see something interesting next though hm?

Well I dont know if im ready to make something bigger than a close-up.

This went down too fast. Some more critism would be nice.