Tank staring at you in the rain

My second rain edit.
C&C plz.
You get a cookie if you know what map this is!



It’s nice, but you should maybe lighten up on the rain covering up the tank, for better visibility, or make it so that the hunched over parts of the tank aren’t being hit by the rain.

Yeah I know you can hardly see anything.
Rain is a little bit too heavy.

GM_Bigcity. Give me a Cookie!!!

You sir fail.
Its not GM_Bigcity.
Any other comments or ideas for the map?

That’s a lot of fucking rain.

Wow he looks bigger than the last time I saw him.

gm_mixcity ?
Also that’s a bit to much rain, don’t you think?

Yes its too much rain :smug:
Fail again.
Shall I tell you the map?

WTF 119 Views and just 9 comments?
Comon people dont be so lazy.

Gm, simplecity?


Sorry I was lazy. This one looks better. You’re getting good at it, keep it up.
+1 piece of wood with paint on.

Remove the rain part covering the Tank, and it will appear as if the tank is blocking the rain from you-

For a much better effect.

It’s a Half-Life 2 map?

Pretty good

The map is dm_overwatch.
Gimme cookie :smug:
Thanks for all your comments!

Looks cool.