Tank, Takeo,Richtofen,Nikolai COD5

yes i know that Bloo is doing cod5 ports but i know he wasnt doing these guys accept Richtofen so could someone please port these please

just takeo then as he is my favorite character to play as

Do mind making that a bit easier to read. I get lost halfway through the sentence.

OK could you please PORT/RIGG WHATEVER these characters from CALL OF DUTY 5 WHICH COME IN MAP PACKS 2 AND 3 i mainly want takeo the japenese guy but if you could these characters to please.Is that easier

Alright, you want us to port Takeo, Richtofen, and Tank from Nazi Zombies.

Well, Bloocobalt’s working on the COD5 models (Or was, anyway), so you’ll be better off waiting.

i sed he was doing them but he wasnt porting all characters from pictures i guess he wasnt so im asking. just because someone else is doing it someone else can to .

He was going to eventually but he’s a lazy, procrastinating fuck.

i wouldnt call it lazyness but he just keeps making more projects and stuff before he finshed this one so therefore it will be a while i only really want takeo really

Bump? come on seen some amzing feats on fp