Tank throws a car at Zoey.

My first attempt at blur. It looks pretty bad, I know. Any suggestions on how I can make it look better?

C&C please.

Overall it’s alright. The posing is fine. About the blur effect, try some motion blur effect, usually it’s great for pictures like this one. One more thing, try tuning up your graphics. The car detail looks weird to me.

What you do if you used the lasso tool is instead of tracing out the car, you trace a little of whats around the car to give you the effect of motion blur but the blur has to fit right with what it surrounds or you will see bad cut edges like your car up there.

wow that’s terrible

don’t lasso that shit. period. just make it a separate layer, motion blur the top layer and create a layer mask and erase everything outside of the car with a big soft, black brush. it’ll blend in fine even if you get a little bit of zoey

sloppy I tell you Paul!

i’m like the most respected/experienced editor here with professional experience on my belt. i’m pretty sure i know what i’m talking about

I’m sure you are babe. Knowing nothing about me you say you’re respected/experienced editor with professional experience on your belt. I’m pretty sure you know about your perspective of making sexy pictures and so far on about my perspective ways to make my so called non-respected/non-experienced edited work with my amateur experience of art on my belt, I’m pretty sure I don’t know what I’m talking about. So let’s just put it this way, Who cares babe. But seeming I care for posting lol kudos on my part babe, I think I overdid what I am trying to say or Nearly forgot what I am talking about or what is happening, Is it the juice I am swallowing down my throat or the pain I’m in from the breathtaking bad experience and how I am so offended and get all offensive over something that is not my so on gonna be a Master Piece and this guy is gonna be the next top Picture Editor and so on. Let’s just say he has a nice piece of art that is poor.

You seriously need to turn the bloom off and take the contrast way down.

You keep telling yourself that, it could be true if you weren’t so vain.