Tank Track Tool

With tanks being such a popular thing to build in gmod, it is sad indeed to know that realistic tank tracks are all but impossible. This tool aims to, mostly, solve that issue. Please post any bugs or compatibility issues you run into, or suggestions you might have.

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**Concept: **
• Wheels are defined
• A spline is generated around these wheels
• Models are rendered around this spline
• An animated scrolling texture is dynamically scaled to fit these models
• Tank tracks!

**Features: **
• Easy to use; spawn, select wheels, edit with context menu, and go!
• A lot of options so far, and probably more in the future.
• 100% Clientside (apart from the networked editable options); no more laggy e2 tracks, or, god forbid, physical ones!

• Left Click - Spawn a new controller. Hold shift and left click an existing controller to copy its settings, left click another to apply the copied settings to it.
• Right Click - Click to select a controller to link entities to, then select your chassis prop, and then select your wheel props, in order, from front to back.
• Reload - Clear your selection if you have entities selected. Unlink all entities if aiming at a controller, hold shift to reset settings to defaults.




**Credits: **
• MrWhite; textures
• Waxx; icon and server testing
• Thebutheads; ideas
• Karbine; ideas

Great Addon! This will help alot with making tanks, Thank you so much for making this

I have a suggestion that you have the ability to change the material to any, as there are other materials that look good for tank tracks.

I’m planning on making a bunch of materials for this tool, mostly ported from WoT (that’s what the supplied track textures in the tool are from). If you guys have any requests for specific tracks or general ideas, let me know. I’m pretty sure Shadow is planning on custom texture support since it’s all clients use and it won’t matter if the server or other clients have them or not.

KV2, T34, VVSS Sherman, and perhaps T-54? Might try to rip textures from War thunder if possible, higher res images.

See, the problem with War Thunder’s and a lot of WoT’s models is that the tracks are physically modeled links instead of a band with a texture on it, which means I can’t actually extract any sort of tracks texture from it.

I do have these so far though:

I want a decent selection of fairly varied tracks, not necessarily variations on the same basic design. I don’t think it’s smart to have a material for every set of tracks out there, just like it’s not a good idea to have ready-made hatch , mantlet, or engine deck props.


Something very simple, WW1-esque perhaps? Like the above pictured Proteus raider, just plates with hinges.

Have a few of those from early tanks. In particular, the BT-SV and the TOG II.

War Thunder’s tracks are all texture based. They are bands with textures on them. And every WoT model also has a band with textures on it, the 3d modelled links are only in the HD client version.

I can get you any and all track textures you want from WoT. My WoT ports also have several of these textures packed in them.

Ok, nevermind then.

For the WoT textures, look in the common track textures folder. The track texture folder inside each individual tank’s folder is only for the track links of that specific tank.
I still do not know how to extract WT textures, although ninjaripper probably works fine.

• Added a way to specify which wheel to use as the sprocket wheel.
• Fixed wheels clipping through the top track when using the tension option.
• Tracks no longer removed when a wheel is destroyed.
• Tool now allows you to select parented props, and more than just prop_physics.
• Tool now sorts wheels automatically, you don’t have to select them in any particular order. You do still have to select the controller and the chassis first, and it still assumes that your wheels are on either side of the chassis’s Y axis (hope to fix this later on).
• No longer rendered in the skybox (lol).

Hopefully there aren’t any bugs, but please, try to break it!

can’t wait for return roller compatibility

Being able to specify the drive sprocket…hmm, would that mean we will be able to see the tracks tensing and slacking when torque is applied?

it was mainly so you can parent wheels that don’t touch the ground if you want to
but i could see about adding something like that

Mm, itd be most apparent on slack track vehicles with front mounted drive sprockets(Tiger 131 can lift the entire return run clear of the road wheels at full throttle in low gears!)but I have seen every tank type exhibit it to some extent.

Just have to figure out how to fit it in.

That’s all I’m doing. The issue I have is with how Wargaming have set up their more recent materials by baking an alpha map for what I’m assuming are reflections into the diffuse. I’m not a master at gimp so I don’t know how to deal with that, and the normal maps for those textures look completely alien to me.

I know how to convert them if you are interested.

I’d be interested in learning how, if you’re offering. Understand that I have little experience in either Gimp or Photoshop, as I grew up not knowing those programs existed and instead used Paint.NET (which handles the alpha channel really stupidly in that 0 alpha pixels lose all color information). I need to get better with Gimp but I’m lazy.