'Tank Tread' System - Concept/Prototype


Recently, while mucking around making a walker type thing from a conveyor system I stumbled across a very cool and what I think is a good representation of tank treads in gmod.

It is Hard to explain how it works but the vid should show it nicely, the ‘tread’ is actully four plates ‘walking’ foward very quickly, making a smooth movement.

As you can see in the video it works very well.

I hope this is new 2 you guys, if I get enough requests from ppl who can’t figure out how to do it, I’ll post a little tut.

Also made a very smooth conveyor thoug I cbf uploading the video and even an engine prototype, kind of a cross between a slapper and the original boxer/slider. I’m working on a good engine from it now.

In the vid you can see xro’s tank which was a bit spazzy because the servers Adv ballsocket was being a bitch, he helped me with the development of the concept.

Engine prototype (I have much better ones, but I’m not sharing for now) and basic system for the concept, my original prototype with engine conversion

‘conveyor belt’

Bonus pic: a space staton thing I am slowly working on:

vid prob still processing if it doesnt work

I think most people has already done that in GMod, but it’s a nice idea so I think it’s good you’re bringing it up again.

I tried making a sort of ‘jumper’ robot once with that kind of tech, using only one plate instead of four on each side. I’d love to know how you managed to keep the plates perfectly horizontal though, something to do with advanced ballsocket?

Nice concept work, now go ahead and make a sweet tank!


yup it has been done many times before but sure go for it

Thats very nice!, mind If I use it for my latest transformer? I will give cred

transformers! robots looking like tnaks


o right good job cool concept

This is cool but so far I’d still prefer wheels.

looks pretty fuckin sweet to me


i’ve done this before, if you know good mechanics you can implement this to a walking motion


I’ve seen this method for making walkers, but never tank threads.

Kudos for thinking outside the box Hunta.

It looks pretty cool. I like it. I’m not much on words today…

I remember seeing a system like this a while back, never posted of course. But nice job on it, closest thing you can get to real tank treads before you get insane lag.

o yea hunta you better make a body for this or i will give you aids


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Does giving me aids mean you will have sex with me? if so… keen

Sorry 2 ppl who have seen this b4, but I’m quite isolated on new zealand servers, but I’m glad some of you hadn’t seen it before, and I hope 2 spawn a few tanks from this

and omfg firefox is getting like random freezes every few seconds wtf

That’s quite ingenius.

If you have been on the TT server, I have been using this for months. It is much more efficient for treads. Since each plate is only touching the ground for a moment you can climb up props and pretty much anything with a ton of grip.

Tutorial plox.