Tank tread tool

hokie so it occurs to me that lots of people think this would be kickass yes? why has no-one made it yet?
everyone spends hours trying to make tank tracks out of single bars or whatever, puts it all together, saves it and loads then it falls apart.

so why not have a tool for it? we need you smarties out there to make a tool so you can point and click a tread :slight_smile: i figure you have some basic settings (most like the wheel stuff, speed/direction/button controls) but then things like tread types/widths… to apply a tread you simply select said tool then click on a pre-placed wheel object, click on the next one… the next… the next… then “finish select” the tool.

so say you make a vehicle and where you want the track you place five wheels in the tread shape and where you place said treads, it’ll go around the things you select and link up when you finish (if that makes sense)

but y’know, just throwing the idea out there incase no-one has already thought of it… just seems like you would need to take the “wheel” tool and mix it with a rope or hydrolic tool or something… but think how awesome it would be! ^-^

everyone wants it but no retard has scripted it yet :0(

The problem is more with the physics. HL2’s ancient physics engine just can’t support realistic tracks.
The collisions would be horrible, even if you did get one to work, it would only last a few seconds before freaking out.

My advice would be to use wheels, and make the tracks “holographic” using the e2 gate.
This way you have the visual appeal of tracks, but the physics would be all in the wheels.
Sadly you probably wouldn’t be able to script it to move around other objects or the world.