Tank Treads

This guy named Basque taught me how to make tracked things. Two phx train wheels welded so they face each other, a phx 1x1 tile fits in between after you give some space between the wheels. But, this doesn’t make for a perfect tread. So my request for you is to make a tread piece, so that it may possibly fit phx gears, or even make a wheel specifically for it. I find lego makes an excellent tread:

What’s important are the walls in the middle, so that the wheel/gear can fit inside and it doesn’t move left or right, and the bar. The bar on the lego piece here serves two purposes, to have something for the gear to grip onto, and to link with the clips in front. Since we got the axis tool, we don’t need the clip feature of it.

So, uhh, thanks :smiley:

If there is a more appropriate place for this to go, please say so <3