Tank vs bear

A shit pose i made randomly for test the toybox save (i think it will be a real lost time if i don’t post my pictures :p)



Troll Pose Thread is that way —>

why? it’s a troll? and what’s troll?

You are trolling

Troll Poses are dumb non serious poses and theres a mega thread for that.

Are you for fucking serious? This is nothing like a troll pose. More like a beginner pose. Keep working on your posing OP. You got the angle kinda right on the first one, also use Sdof to get ride of the aliasing.

Sonic has been posting and posting since 08…

Take these pics to the “don’t deserve a thread” thread mate.

TF2 + L4D is trolling to me.
Just my point of view.

Then get a new point of view because it definitly isn’t. As hairy said, it’d be more fitting in “Don’t deserve a thread”, but definitly not a trollpose.


This pose and the pic in general isn’t fantastic (camera angels could be a lot better and maybe zoomed in more), but you said yourself it was a practice pose for the toybox thing so its all good.

Of course Urbanator kicks in and lets Comby look like a Faggit.

Nah, I agree mostly with you. I don’t particularly like TF2/L4D crossovers as the two don’t really suit each other imo. TF2 looks just too cartoony incomparison.

Yeah but you fucked up my logic :stuck_out_tongue:

i was expecting something else