Tank vs Tank

Because the arena is too small to fit the tank, we had to bring the fight outdoors!

I think the tank is wierdly posed.
Might be just me…

Posing is very bad sorry to say. And the idea is so incredibly unoriginal.
It also needs better camera angles, and editing wouldnt hurt, ingame editing can do wonders aswell.

It doesn’t look like the tank is touching the ground, but good Idea though!


tank is sitting in the depth of field blur, why isn’t he blurred
the posing is alright but the editing is terrible

thats easy just fire a fucking SABOT right at it and it’d rip it to fucking pieces

Yeah, the focus is fucked up…

Here’s a version without DoF.

Horrible posing.
Idea is nice and could be done well by somebody else.

FUCK! Flashnoob - That DoF is waaaaay better.

It would be sweet if you had the tank grab the projectile as the t72 fires it. A person good at editing could give it a go.

Which one? They are both ragdolls.

I think the tank will win.

-50% fail
-40% unoriginal “tank” joke
-10% unknown (but probably boredom)