Tanks, hummers and helicopters move with the marines

http://img139.imageshack.us/img139/5140/ontheirtracebehindthem.jpg http://img139.imageshack.us/img139/ontheirtracebehindthem.jpg/1/w1680.png

Please give me feedback

Finger posing can use some work and get the COD4 vehicle pack. I dislike those Blackawks.

Edit your thread title to be more descriptive. And quick, 'cause there’s a timer.

I changed the thread title, but there is the same old title again.?

Is that duplicates? With the one infront the camera and the one infront of the tank? Anyway nice pic, just use a more descriptive title like Uberslug said and the posing needs some work.

One guy was duplicated but not with the guy in the front. In addition i changed his pose a little bit.
Thanks for feedback, and ya the title…^^


thanks for title editing^^

no problem bro

Simple and Clean; I like it!

The posing is quite good but the faceposing looks stupid in places. You should have used better vehicle models really.

I agree, those Blackhawks really look out of place.

At this time I had still no different helicopter models, next i will use the cod4 helicopters.
There is a minimal faceposing, not more

thanks for feedback

It seems strange that the marines are aimlessly wandering through the desert.

Erm, It’s just a picture. For all you know there could be a compound up a head.