Tanks, tanks everywhere

Dumping all of my tanks that I deem still somewhat “combat effective” and are in “service”. All of these tanks I have made entirely myself, I haven’t included any collab works.

they span from 2009-2011, and aren’t in any particular order.

(naming goes from top left row, then to the next row, starting from the left.)


M14 Nickel, Tankette 2.

Light tanks:
Irontoe Mk2, Jensen Light Tank, L2 Nigel, L3 George, M10 Dime, Martin Scout Tank, XK10 Light tank.

Medium Tanks:
Henry M1A9, M13 Quarter, M25A2, M40A2, M6A3 Russel, Murphy I, Sergei T1A2, William A3.

Heavy Tanks:
Damascus Heavy Tank, KV1, KV2, M11A1 Rodney.

Super Heavy Tanks:
Maus, Juno, Zeus, WK1100.

Main Battle Tanks:
AM40 Bulkhead, Lambert Crew Tank, M20A3, M20A2 Sabre, XK40A7, X30A2, Sandtiger IV, M30 Super Sabre, XK120A5, XK120A5E1.

Armored Cars:
M16 Stanley, M17 Stammerson, M17 Superstammer, M17 Sandstammer, M17 Sandstammer II, M18 Stanton.

Nebelwerfer, 105mm gun, 105mm Stationary Battery, M12 Creeper, B11 Mortar Carrier, James SPA, M155A2.

Tank Destroyers:
BH120, Damascus Siege Tank, Irontoe SPG, M156A1, SK105 Coffin, SK120, SK203, StuH 42, TDS120A2, TDS75A1.

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I have another 20-25 tanks that function that I didn’t post (collabs or just suck)

These are nice. You don’t see too many tanks around here.

Please tell me you’re joking.

I am. V:smith:V

wow these tanks are really awesome! you must love making them. most of them are just fictional too right? i dont understand why people say tank building is just the same for every tank, this is clearly proof that one tank is a lot different from another tank!

almost all of them are fictional. the KVs, StuH, and Maus are the only real ones.

the Robin is also real

it isn’t a reliant robin, only similar to it



These look really dated for some reason…

as i said, they span 2009-2011

fuq da polic

everytime i see people make these things, i really, really want to just start up a server and have a massive battle with then, spanning the entire map

i know the feeling.

An inspiring thread, I would bet, timed with the theoretical large scale tank competition. I’ve seen many of those but fought a mere handfull. We should do something about that.


We had some great battles yesterday, including karbine bouncing a shot off one of my tanks and hitting himself. Some how we both died from it…

Gah i wish i could build like this… i just can’t build stable suspension and wheelbases :frowning: Anyone got any tips? :saddowns:

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Also, what materials are you using??

Everything is stiff, it wobbles and it shakes :frowning:

that was goddamn great. it hit your glacis and then bounced under your turret and shot back at my tank with enough force to kill me, then I shot you with my 105

I remember the original thread with the damascus.