comment plz :rolleyes:

i like this one!

Filters. So much poor use of filters.

1st of all don’t create an account to comment on yourself
2nd filter raped

lol… im his friend… and i really liked it.

Well just to let you know its shit.

I suspect he rated himself artistic 3 times, that’s not hard to believe since he comment on his own pic.
We don’t care if you like it, you brought it here to show us and well, we don’t like it…

You can rate yourself more than once? :raise:

Just go back in and out the thread…


Example I will rate as many boxes as I like, but that would give this thread too many views.

I just rated myself five times and nothing happened.


Oh and in other news


Ratings are starting to not show up anymore unless it’s a large amount :confused:


imo, from what I’ve seen