Bunch of tanks I built; a friend helped with testing and parts on a few. Mostly just provided motivation to get shit done.
They’ve been sitting around my hard disk for awhile, I’ve given a few away, etc., so figured I’d finally post them. They all have steering proportional to speed, like geared steering, and regenerative steering on all except for the -120, which drops speed when you turn.

  CDF-60.  Your average 20-tonner.  Tons of frontal and side armor; not a   lot anywhere else, though.  Gets chewed up really bad by mechs and   anything that flies.



Really gets chewed up.

     CDF-60A1.  The same chassis and turret as the CDF-60, but the frontal   turret is rebuilt, the armor arrangement is changed, the .50 is  omitted,  and it has some spaced armor too.  Two tons heavier, but still  faster  since it has a better drivetrain.


I fitted a CDF-60A1 with enough spaced armor to resist the mortarspam that a certain someone uses. Totally practical.

 CDF-72.  A 30-ton medium tank.  Armed with a 100mm, with heavy  sloping  armor and a high top speed.  I've heard it's a good vehicle,  much better  than its lighter sibling.  I've only used it maybe twice,  though.



CDF-72FS. CDF-72 chassis and turret, but the gun is a 240mm mortar.


CDF-75. A 20-ton tank hunter, very hetzeresque. The armor is extremely effective when dug in or positioned in a rut/slope/hole, and it is very fast (~35+mph in a dash). Also hard to spot.


All that needs to be exposed to kill you.


CDF-120. A 120-mm armed 50t tiger-like thing. It ain’t fast, but it has like 450mm of frontal armor, and a virtually flat trajectory with about 230mm of penetration, so it doesn’t have to be. I’d refrain from using it against something that’s supposed to be new and fast, but it’s still badass.




“grumbler” turrets. Started to make a BMP with a 120mm mortar and a machinegun, got bored halfway through. They have very little armor, but using one, you can direct multiple ones. A nice quick defense, but still a bit of a wip.


The CDF-60 has somewhat crappy looks, but from that onwards it starts to get much better. I love the CDF-75 TD and the CDF-120. Can you post the complete armor layout (front/sides/rear) of the two?

sure, and thanks. The 60s turret is like 8 months old, that might be part of why it looks like crap.

All LOS, not pure weight:

Front: 240mm
Side top: 180mm
Side bottom: 150mm
Rear top: 40mm
Rear bottom: 20mm

Front: 430mm
Sides: 380mm
Rear: 20mm
Turret Front: 330mm
Turret Side: 180mm

I usually don’t armor much on the rear or turret sides, just enough to defend against stray HE and MGs.

why aren’t you ever on GGG so we can fight these things, and re-add me to steam: delta091

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also that TD looks very very good

Hey I know I already asked in another thread but could anyone give me some armor building tips? I got the basics down like sloping and avoiding shot traps but the tanks I see here seem to have really strong armor in their weight categories compared to any I build. So any tips and regarding armor building?

Like what props do you guys usually use? How do you compose your armor?

it’s mostly wise usage of weight, as in weight your structural components (base of the tank, wheels, turret base, etc) to the minimum amount required to save weight for armor. if you have trouble with that, then slope the shit out of everything.

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i urge to fight things in my unfinished MBT of 40 tons

Oh,thanks but. I was refering more to composites and techniques since it seems a lot of people have different techniques like spacing armor (Which I’m not sure what does it do in ACF if anyone could explain better) and layering. Unless there’s no such tecniques and I just suck :stuck_out_tongue: Also do you use the ACF engines for propulsion?

spacing armor is useful against HEAT and APHE

acf doesn’t have projectile yawing so spacing for just defeating ap isn’t very effective

I was wonder if missiles will be effective against armor thickness

they will most likely use HEAT

then again we won’t be able to use missiles anyways :v:


acf missiles don’t have the code to make them work

yeah but you said we won’t be able to use acf missiles that don’t exist

you make no sense

i didn’t say acf missiles don’t exist i said missiles are not usable with out the code

Ah thanks. What would you suggest is a good ratio for spaced armor values. Like if I have two plates and a total of 100mm would you have it be 50mm on both or 75mm on one and 25mm on the other or what?

Spaced armor plates are usually 5mm, all they’re supposed to do is detonate the projectile.

Ah thanks :stuck_out_tongue: The only issue is they pierce through the plate instead of detonating against it.

Wow, they all look awesome. Wish I could build worth a damn. Sounds like fighting with them would be fun. I’m guessing they use wire right?

that’s what you can use layers for, they don’t even have to be armored. APHE works by penetrating and then detonating, however, all shells can deflect if the angle is great (I’ve dinged many HEAT and APHE shells off people)

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the reason being it strikes it at such an angle it doesn’t set off the detonator