Tardis 2.0 with control - A Derpy Troll


I have tried searching the forums but has been disabled for some reason?

I recently downloaded this Tardis addon (both versions 1 & 2… V.2 in above link) and cannot get them to work.

I can spawn the Tardis and use the controller to teleport the tardis but only when not when i am inside? i cannot change to or conrol flight mode either.

Was wondering if anyone has come across the same or similar problem before and possibly a solution,

Many Thanks!


Controls: R to switch modes.
W to go forward while in flight mode.
You can’t transport in Flight mode and must wire transport for it to work.

Thanks for the reply,
I press R and nothing? am i meant to hear a ‘switching’ noise? I will search for a tutorial on wire transport… unless it is easy?

You just need to wire the TARDIS to X,Y,Z or you can use the Tool provided to designate a transport location.

Is R your reload button? Text should appear in the chat box to say you’ve switched modes.

Ah ok thanks :), the tool provided teleports from a left click ‘set’ to right click ‘teleport’ but cannot do this when i am inside?

Yes R is my reload button, just tried quickly… all i can do is look at the tardis in 3rd perspective?

To do it will inside you need to Wire the TARDIS’s wire Shift input to a numpad input (It’s somwhere in the Wire tab).

The flight mode is in 3rd person, It just allows you to fly the TARDIS around the map.

Ok, i will have a go at wiring the Tardis, i know this could take up 5 mins of your time but could you send me a pm on how to do that? i havent wired before? guessing i need the wire mod… downloading that now…

Thanks again for the help!