"Target confirmed." - Technical Sergeant is marking for Littlebird Support.



Add random zombies + Action = No more genericness.

Noice pictua.

Can I have a link to the soldier’s ragball?

If you’re going to do a laser beam, do some sort of dust, smoke, mist, whatever so it makes sense (and looks cooler). Otherwise, the only thing you’d see is a big red dot (if that, since PEQ-15s have an IR mode too).

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This is a million times better than your usual stuff though

Damn nice, posing on the soldier seems a little weird though.

Well, it’s still generic, but it’s a better kind of generic.

I’ll give you :10bux: if you make a pose without any military in them, ddok.

Undead Genericness

I like it!

Eww these tracers are some nasty piece of work, but the lighting is good.

link to map?

I want 300$

Release the MOH models at once.


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ask to chl0407

It kind of looks like it’s raining inside the building, pic’s very pretty i like the idea of a night city :3, feet posing on the dude is very pretty too

well… There was not inside the building. you know the roof of mercy hospital…

yeah i won’t lie if you actually used color balance and made some more blue/green coloring to the shadows of this picture it would be more ballin

but i’m surprised, dddok. you managed to make something that isn’t bad!!!

The laser looks powerful enough to burn a hole in the zombie.