Target finder - toggle = off?


Noobishly I don’t know how to turn off the toggle feature on the target finder wire tool.
I know it’s not possible, but how can I bypass it, by making something be active only in the vecinity of a player character?

Change the “maximum distance” option of the target finder.
Measure the distance from your thing to the player and have it activate when the distance is short enough.
If you’re using the latest version of wire, you can do this with regular gates. If you’re not using the latest wire, you’ll have to do this:

(Wire “Target” to the target finder.)

@name Distance
@inputs Target:entity
@outputs Distance
Distance = entity():pos():distance(Target:pos())

No. That’s not what I mean. I want it to deactivate once I exit it’s radius.

Target finders can’t be turned on and off. You will have to turn everthing connected to the target finder off.

There must be a way.

No, target finders cannot be turned off.
If you have a turret wired to a target finder, to get it to fire when the target finder has a target, and you want to turn that turret off, wire it to an “And (all)” gate. Then wire “A” of the And gate to the target finder and “B” to a button (or something). There you go.