Target Finder

How do i make a target finder only target me? Not anyone else on the server, just me?

SteamID filter? Just put your own one in.

Or the steam Name filter.

Can someone please tell me what maximum range and minimum and what should be checked and not checked ;please thank you

If you want the Target Finder to see you anywhere, just have the minimum as 1 and the max as 9999999999.

Atm I have target players checked and then 0 on minium and max on 100, i put my name in ( striker(PANDA) ) and it says No target

100 is too small. Try 100,000

Nope dont work just says no target, i have target players checked and on name is striker(PANDA)

not your forum name your steam name what it shows when you type
Also check Taret Player
uncheck Do not target owner
and Do not target owners stuff

Oww done it, thanks guys, the target finder got confused with ma name

Glad to be of service :buddy: