target finder

how do i get the target finder to work

You tell us what the fuck you’re talking about.

im talking about the wire target finder i dont know how to use it

Choose the settings you want. Spawn it. Done.

Then make a beacon if you want to use the Target Finder for practically anything useful.

To put it as simply as possible (as I don’t get the feeling you’d comprehend anything more complex than this):

Target Finder - Gathers information
Beacon shit - “Filters” and lets you use that information

i know but when i spawn the target finder its says no target

Make sure your settings are correct.
Make sure maximum range is bigger than 0
Make sure you have one Target type checked. (As in, Target Players or Target Props or Target Thrusters)

i have almost all checked but it wont work no matter what

You need to post the exact settings you have. You can’t just say “I have a problem fix it”. You need to give details.

never mind i under stand it now