Target neutralized

A pose and edit nothing much. C&C please.

thread music

Hell yes. that is awesome

Smoke looks superimposed, the shooting soldier’s feet looks weird and its a little dark.
But the posing is nice, the idea is good too.

And are those cocain packages on the bed???

Yes, the packages are from drugzmod.

Ought to be a bit lighter. So the blood shows better. Perhaps a lamp over the bed or pointing at the bed from the opposite wall. But apart from that pretty nice.

Ohhh thanks! Didnt knew about that package lol What else have I missed in life :frowning:

Hey Dutch. The posings good, but your camera angles need work.
Some reasons why Angles/Placement Help Improve a picture.

  1. Adds tension to a screenshot.
  2. Adds perspective and depth without DoF.
  3. Because I say so.

Hmm, are those the COD models with the in-opposable heads?

check model release section for the models but the skins are mine but not for long.

yes, he’s down

I think you missed an e in neutralized. Also, the smoke’s kinda a bit too bright

Target is now very nutritious. :keke:

Why is there jizz coming out of one guy’s gun

So they sent out some marines to kill a drug addict? Lolz.

It’s the timezone man :3:.

Well thank you very much. Every time I see that smoke I will think of jizz, Damn:)