Targeting a model

hi i havent coded in a long while and i forget how to do everything i just want to change this line of coding from an npc shooter to a prop shooter how would i do it

if (ValidEntity( ent))&&(ent:IsNPC())

is the normal code how would i make it target the model BarrelWarning.mdl for this old gamemode i made similar to that counterstrikes suicide barrel mod

if (ValidEntity( ent))&&(ent:IsPropModel(BarrelWarning.mdl))

i thought that would work but i guess im alot rustier than i thought, any help?


Use lua tags, I will do it for you this time.

[lua]if (ValidEntity( ent))&&(ent:IsNPC()) [/lua]

[lua]if (ValidEntity( ent))&&(ent:IsPropModel(BarrelWarning.mdl)) [/lua]

k thanks
any help on the main issue?

[lua]ent:GetModel() == “path/of/model.mdl”[/lua]