"Targets' pacified, the guardhouse is clear" [UAV FLiR recon]



^This is the scene itself.


I tried my best on making a FLiR Hud, I think it could be worse.

Comments and criticism, please.

Woah, love the first picture.

Love the first picture. Original and well-executed.

Nice work, rated artistic.

Gotta love flir!

Only bad thing was the fishermans arms but i know they aren’t easy to pose

It was an effect, I didn’t have the model apparently. But I needed an older, gentlemanly looking fellow for that screenshot and I used the effect.

But thank you to everyone, I appreciate the comments.

I would prefer the first picture with inverted colors but thats just me, they all look very good, especially the posing

If you take the citizen .phy file and name it to match the fisherman’s model, he’ll have ragdoll physics.


The first pic looks badass

I like the mode where the heat is white. Nice though.

nice, AC130 eh?

First pic. Win