Taser Dart SWEP

There is a current taser swep, however I did not like the way that it had no special effects. It also shot using an eye trace, which meant you could kill
someone easily from any range. Looking through the code as well, it is not great and could be greatly simplified. I also wanted it to kill people, because
thats the sort of guy that I am.

This swep is great for RP, general use or being that abusive admin I know you are. Shoot the taser at your oppenent, to bring them down. They will be taken down and electrocuted to death.
It works on both players and NPC’s.

It’s great to watch the ragdoll squirm on the floor, making you feel powerfull!

I would appreciate any feedback on the swep, and whether you have any bugs/glitches. I will try to update as fast as possible.



Here are some pictures and a video of the swep in action:




Note: I also fixed some of the bugs in the old taser (which is nonelethal) and reuploaded it.
This can be found here:

I will make an updated version later today of mine which is none lethal.

It’s nice, but God man, make a decent video. Turn off the blurry bloom, turn off the music, and let’s see actual gameplay.


As for the blurry bloom. That was youtubes fault, I uploaded the file the wrong dimensions and it scaled it badly. It looked a lot clearer and better on my pc. I’m uploading a better version today. But sorry, the video is sick I’m keeping the music.

Love the Swep, put it on my RP server and its fun. I was wondering if you could create something like this for TTT, you know a kind of taser for the Detective?

Would i apply this great swep to ttt weapons?

And i send a PM to you 2 days ago. Please check the pm :smiley:

Will this save where they are tazed or do I need to add that myself?

No Idea what you mean. If you mean in LUA, then it’s not hard to do.

I am considering doing this. It could be a traitor weapon as well.
I am going to make a none lethal version as well where the player can be revived, like the old taser. I will add new effects to it and make it fire a bullet instead of eyetrace.

Re-uploaded the video. The blurriness has been fixed.

I never said it was hard to do, it’s literally 1 line. I’m asking if it saves your taze position…

Could you edit this to make it not kill the player?

What do you mean by “save” the position. Store it as a variable?
It’s a ragdoll entity. You can get the position at any time, why would I need to “save” it?

I didn’t understand because I did not think you were asking such a basic and pointless question.

From what it looks like in the weird video all it does is Spawn() when the taze is over, I’m talking about it placing you back where you got tazed. It looked like it didn’t do that, guess I can just run Respawn() on the player instead of Spawn() though.

Nope this is a lethal taser that kills. You could do that. Although they would still have a death. Look at the old taser code. That puts them back after they have been tased and doesn’t damage them. What is does is make them invisible, and force them to stand still. The ragdoll isn’t the player it is just an added entity to make it look like a player.

I will probably end up making a version that doesn’t kill, and puts them back where they were in the next few days.

That would be wonderful, this taser looks so much cooler and better designed

Add some range, it’ll get annoying when people can snipe other people from across the map.

They can’t. It fires a bullet and has spread. It’s virtually impossible to hit them if you aim at them from a distance. I even tried with my aimbot.

I still think he should add some range to make it more like a real taser

I suggest, When a player gets tazed he respawns where he got tazed. Cause I presume most people that download this will use it for DarkRP…

Well do it then. There is nothing stopping you, and I doubt it is hard to code.

Download the other taser mentioned in the OP. That does everything you just mentioned.


Here’s a non-lethal version of FatBlueSloph’s version of the taser. The only thing used is the bullet function instead of the eyetrace. Tested by me and no bugs have been found other than that you can electrocute other bodies that have been tased by other players.

And as FatBlueSloph has said, it wasn’t that hard to code because i’m an upright amateur at LUA…Been looking at lua the past week and figured this out. Now I know a lot more. Anyways, you’re welcome, I saved you some time doing this. :slight_smile:

ZipX? Why not use WinRAR/WinZip/7Zip?