Taser - Tazer Swep (NPC + Players)

The reason why this thread is now here, is because:
-I have completely re-written the code.
-It was in the wrong section



This is going to be the final version of the SWEP, as it will now work for almost everyone, if not everyone. Unless bugs are found. Please tell me if this is not working, or you find a bug. Thank you.

This swep is great for RP or general use. Shoot the taser at your oppenent, to bring them down. Right clicking will apply a small shock, with the trademark taser clicking noise, to incapicate your opponent, whilst dealing some damage.

It’s great to watch the ragdoll squirm on the floor, making you feel powerfull!

Special thanks to Josh - Cappichino for Beta Testing

v1.8 FINAL Changelog:
Players are frozen after being tasered.

v1.7 Changelog:
All bugs “should” now be fixed, this should work for you.

v1.6 Changelog:
FIXED compabitility issues when used with tranquilizer gun
Body moves around more when electrocuted

v1.5 Changelog:
Code totally re-written (Cleany Cleany)
Multple people can be tasered at a time
Many bugs fixed

v1.4 Changelog:
Fixed problem when kicking players who have been incapacicated
(Thanks to Josh for finding this)

v1.3 Changelog:
Admin spawnable only
Added groggy effect to victim when getting back up

v1.2 Changelog:
Fixed shooting at entitites
No longer need dependecy on CSS
Players can’t run away after being tasered for 3 seconds
Reduced damage of the electrocution
Added Npcs to undo list after being tasered

v1.1 Changelog:
Can now taser NPC’s
Fixed bug when tasering 2 people at a time
Cleaned up code
Should have fixed confliction with other addons



The video isn’t mine, I found it on youtube. But thanks who ever made it.

This don’t work… at least not on single player…

Looks good! King’d

Do you get any errors?
Do you have counterstrike installed?
It has worked so far for me and my testers, both in multiplayer and singleplayer so any more information would be very much appreciated.

You should make ropes attach from the gun to the victim and make it so like you can pull them around too.

Then that would ruin the whole concept of the “tazer”

You couldn’t make ropes attatch to the gun, mabey the playermodel, but not the gun.

Or make an invisible entity in front of the player.

i like it, it’s really useful and fun to play with.

Won’t work…

Added to addons, everything else i have works :slight_smile:

didn’t work on my gmod build or my spacebuild server.

Wow. Does this work for anyone?
It’s so frustrating trying to get this to work for everyone. It’s stupid that it works for some people and not others, and I can’t put my finger on what the problem is.
If anyone realises why this isn’t working tell me, and I will fix it right away.

It is possible that some crap addon that some people have has completely screwed up their game. If so, they should remove all their addons, and then try the taser.

By the way, it works perfect for me. Good job.

Thanks, I’m glad to hear that it works for you.

Does this work only on players? Also who is Bot01? are the bots for gmod like there are for cs:s?

there are but they don’t have AI

It works on NPC’s also.
It has to be a mutiplayer server, type sv_cheats 1, then bot. It mimicks what you do though.

The old Tranquilizer swep breaks this.

Once I removed it, the Tazer worked without issues. Might want to put a notice up and look into a possible fix.

Wow thanks a lot. I will fix this tommorow.


Fixed. This now works with the tranquilizer gun. I will upload the new version, and if people who are experiencing problems still experience them, then please notify me.

Could be a stunstick replacement in RP.


Seriously, though, this is pretty cool.