Taser Timer

Hey guys!

So, my Problem is I’ve got a Taser SWEP. But, if a Player gets tasered - and the one, who tasers his gets killed - the player is still tasered and needs to be slayed - otherwise he won’t respawn.
Below is the Code, wheres my problem? :confused:


Code: http://pastebin.com/1Ya1s027

Oh look, another code this for me thread. You can request a coder here.

It’s funny too how you replaced the author of the SWEP with your name.

Yeah, cause I downloaded this SWEP fucking long time ago on garrysmod. Then updated the code to GM13 (only thing which changes was IsValid). Anyways, there was never a author or anything else in the code. I Just added those fields.
If you know who made the original code, go on :wink:

Also taser is fixed it’s in the http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1254727 OP’s post.


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Nope, the Taser in the Thread isn’t fixed. Its more buggy then mine.
With this Taser, no one gets respawned.



Le Push…

Could someone please help me out with that? The “fixed” Addons posted above, are more buggy then everything else. I dont know why the fuck did this idiot marked them as “solved”.

Anyways; I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out and fixing the Timer Bug or what ever this is called :confused:

Change the timers to timer.Simple’s.

What are you talking about? Did you even had a look at the Code?
No, it is not the casual GM13 Timers Bug… Oh my gosh, I’m not such a idiot - Or do you think I would post here, If I would be able to find the solution in the web?

People get tazered, and if the person who shot with the tazer, dies - those tazered people will stay a ragdoll for ever.

Actually, I know what you mean. I was suggesting using simple timers so that they don’t get destroyed on removal of swep. But, after taking a second look, this is the probable issue:
function SWEP:taserevive(ent)

That relies on the SWEP being valid still. Change it to
function taserevive(ent)

Then change the things that call self:taserevive to just taserevie. That should do it.