Task Force 141 Exfiltrate out of Top-Secret Russian Base [Non-Generic]

** Uberslug gave me a huge hand into helping me blend the drivers make it look like they’re behind the windshield. (See original for problem) **
Most Editing and the Pose done by Caboose.
Uber did some of the (most important) editing. :stuck_out_tongue:



What makes the Russian Base a Top Secret is because they have been experimenting with recently resurrected Dinosaurs to use them in Combat to replace horses and tanks.


Holy shit, that’s what I call a truly epic picture.

thats a trex

pshaw it was nothing, really

Pickup trucks mounted with Miniguns boarded by 141 Operatives rushing through a Russian Base with a tank, Russians, and a Russian riding a Dinosaur is just one of the few components to add up to greatness.

It’s great. There’s two things that bother me though, the extremely long blood splatter coming out of that Russian’s head; and the aliasing on the metal supports below Ghost and his victim.

I don’t really like the rusty pickup, other than that, I like the picture.

Huh…I totally forgot to add a splatter under the Dino-Rider’s chin, but I could take in a few of those liberties. :smiley:

That is one hella of blood coming out of the guy on the right riding a… dinosaur

its very nice though

nice pose and Great edit but not boring
wtf who are you

Pose of the year, this contains ALL.


Horses you say… Is there a horses in the modern army?

Pic is totally Epic.

nice where you get the pmcs?

Great bunch of posing, I like the amount of ragdolls and the ridiculous ideas. Smoke is top-notch.

The blood looks too long though on the headshot and I don’t get what’s with those random floating clouds things near the falling pair.

The dinsosaur is awesome.
Could use some more random explosions but its a pretty epic picture.

cool editing

Man, I need to start sticking these up in mid-day instead of midnight, that way more people can check this.

I’m still trying to work on explosions.