task force 666 engages enemy taliban forces in copenhagen, denmark [YEAR: 2166]



yep, drugs.


god bless johnson beardface :patriot:

fucking hilarious love it

Typical cod match.

by far the best image on this site

I laughed :v:

Very nice Zerax.

nicely done

I expected seriousness. I gotta stop having such high expectations.

Nice pic nontheless, Zerax.

Best part is unexplained giant rock and weeds in middle of street.


Didn’t read that it was Copenhagen.

This is just amazing, it’s awesome in every way. It also has very good humor.

absolutely love the picture made me laugh like crazy…still, its terribly offensive.
But still a great picture.

This is amazing.

I can kinda tell what I am looking at, and kinda can’t.

Is the insurgent on the right… Shooting, with his… His feet?! :v:

Haha what? Are you a pussy?
That picture touches me to the very deepeness of my feelings zerax, let’s have sex in that dark corner.

LOL, yeah. Particularly if you’re the only non-n00b player on the map.