Task Force commandos in a forest

Been without internet for a while on top of that MW2 killed my PS3
with out further excuses




C&C pals
Also bloom overload sorry
PS guess the game
[sp]not Modern warfare2[/sp]

Wow. You can do a lot better than this.

Not to be a big jerk but… wow, even the original looks better.

must be some shitty game.

Yes the editing does suck I had nothing better to do than experiment with my editing style.
so if there is anything you can say to help me that would be much appreciated.

First the contrast is too high.

it was the best RTS game of 2005
really ahead of it’s time.



The game is Act of War?

i dont really think the watermarks are necessary

No offence, Back S/ash, but these are pretty bad.

Nice octagonal log there!!
and extremely flat forest ground. :smiley:


This is god awful.