Task force entering an outpost overrun by rebels

***At night.


SHush or else they might steal your puppy.
I like it.

Are they huntin’ wabbits?

if they’re a stealthy task force why the hell is there a tank

the turbine on a M1 abrams is fucking LOUD

The gun texture is delightful. BTW,his finger is clipping with his face?

Nope, the underside of his glove is black.

Look Closer

Oh,that’s right.


Maybe the tank has a silencer?

Or maybe no one is in the tank.


bitch plz

Could be a disabled tank.
In any case, I don’t think they’d have been able to stab that rebel in the back if the tank was active and theirs; he’d be running for the hills or nearest ATGM launcher.

if it was disabled it would look more burnt out or be facing the other direction.

anyways, I’m just saying the current positioning doesn’t really make sense.

things dont always burn up when theyre disabled to my knowledge
or face a certain direction I think that is pretty random as well

could be wrong

Indeed. Could be anything from running out of gas or the tracks getting disloged (all really awful things to happen in a combat situation that’ll make the tank a sitting duck) to a hand grenade going off inside and pasting the crew (not sure an anti-personnel hand grenade would set off the tank’s ammo)

If the tank would look more burnt you would be better off calling it a burnt out or overall destroyed tank.

Besides if you study the picture a bit, it shouldn’t be too hard to spot the sign which says evacuation outpost. And even the title says the task force is entering a outpost overrun by rebels, as in the rebels managed to take a hold of the camp, probably forcing most of the personnel to abandon vehicles or maybe just killed them all. It’s really not that hard to imagine what could have happend.

I think those are delta force, not task force… judging by there gear and camo.

“Shh, be very quiet, we’re hunting terrorists”.

Nice posing and lighting, nice atmosphere, angle etc etc… I like it :v:

Just because call of duty gives them akward shit, it doesn’t mean they look like that in real life, or in the universe of this pose.

he looks cute