Task Force siezing water filtration plant from hostile combatants



Took a few hours (think, oh, about five) to pose and all of that good stuff – it took way longer than I planned on spending on this because the quality isn’t that great

spent more time fixing up textures and all of that good stuff then actually mashing all of the images together. totally worth having some great textures and the like (and fixing everyone else’s problems) plus these new ingame effects are BOSS (not that you will ever know how to use them) make everything better

want boss ingame effex like me because you’re too lazy to spend your time making things pretty in photoshop (WELL, I AM!!!)

SUPER baller particle impact effect override. runs via console command to activate. turns most (all???) gunshot impacts in to full-on particle effects that are AMAZING. they have some ballin airtime and start clouding up the environment just like real-world impacts do. GET IT, DAWG.

**SPECIAL EFFECTS FOR** MANLY MEN!!! That’s right. These badass FX (like SMOKE and GLOW) are the epitome of masculinity; because you don’t have time to shop in smoke that looks as crappy and ill-layered as this. Plus the smoke makes great filler when worked with FOG (YOU HAVE NEVER USED FOG BEFORE!!!)

GLOW is baller too becasue GLOW is the easy man’s way of adding light that isn’t really light in to a scene!!! you know how ben_wolfe has all of that glowy bleeding light crap in all of his pictures? he spends too much time in photoshop because he could achieve the same thing with GLOW!!! IN-GAME!!! Intellectual.


NO-COLLIDE WORLD is self-explanatory but you never even knew this existed before


I like it. I like how it actually felt first person, almost like I could just start playing it. Good job.

Well, you could tell us what they are or how to use them but okay.

Neat picture.

i was joking mang

Oh damn now I look like a fool :saddowns:

looks boss

Looks awesome for mostly ingame, I wanna try this shit.

anyone can do it.

maybe i’ll write a how-to (although I’ve tried this BEFORE NUMEROUS TIMES and nobody seemed to care so maybe I won’t waste my time)

I’d been looking for that no-collide world tool, thanks!

Also, I am liking the fog.

oh come on now it was a new concept you can’t expect everyone to start using it perfectly.

“new” as in as old as garry’s mod itself but completely underused

trust me. not even I know how to use half of the tools I get. I just turn them on, play with some variables and things just start lookin’ good.

The problem does’t lie in my impatience to teach; the problem is that every time I did explain what the tools did do, nobody seemed to notice. Either they just flipped on by or they just never utilized the concepts period.

Either way, it’s not my loss.

Well them not using your techniques…

Fuck I’m outta ammo, well it looks purty they should use em.

Can’t beat em’ join em.

I dont know what it is about the gun, but it looks almost real.

Excellent work.

photoshop, thats what!

nah dude it’s seriously just the amazing phong job, texture job and overall quality of this gun model.

the only thing I had to do to make it 100% amazing was completely change the lens out because the default one was uglier than sin

gun porn??

yeah dude straight up

Your previous threads helped me a lot. I’d love it if you’d make a tutorial or something.

that’s vmans emitter flash right?

Could you? I’ve been looking for a complete tutorial on editing.