TASK_SCRIPT_CUSTOM_MOVE_TO_TARGET failed Urgent Movement, abandoning schedule - help?

When i try to get my Barney NPC to go to a scripted_sequence, this comes up in console:

barney TASK_SCRIPT_CUSTOM_MOVE_TO_TARGET failed Urgent Movement, retrying
barney TASK_SCRIPT_CUSTOM_MOVE_TO_TARGET failed Urgent Movement, abandoning schedule

The area he is in is noded, and there’s nothing blocking his path. What’s the deal?

So i have the same with Alyx. She is staying on the roof. What to do?


So i found what problem. Just AI cant find the right way. Whatch this image http://img534.imageshack.us/img534/8407/alyx.th.png

Duh; when you’re scripting, you’re taking over from pathfinding.

Gawd. Please try adding some AI nodes. Or even just another scripted sequence that she can run to straight from there, then straight to the next one. Honestly this can be fixed with a little self-problem-solving. And motherminge, that’s true, but it’s irrelevant to his problem; he needs Alyx to reach the scripted sequence. To do that she needs a path to follow, hence nodes or a “corner” sequence to travel to/from.

Oh, and she can’t simply move to it because that drop in the floor is moor than 8 units in height, which is the max height for a “step” in the source engine. You could use nodes and hint nodes I think to make here jump down then back up if you want, but that’s a bit more complicated.

Jimmy sez his is noded.

Yes, but that image is clearly un-noded. Also the script only takes over from the AI once the NPC reaches the script, it uses standard AI and nodes to get there. This may help the second poster asking with getting Alyx to drop down:


Did you look at who posted what? Increazon’s screenshot has nothing to do with Jimmy.

Jimmy’s post is nearly a year old, I’m guessing answering Increazon’s questions now would be more useful.

Thought I said that. :confused:

Anyway, I didn’t even notice that I wasn’t answering the OP, or how old this topic was. Sorry. But yeah, it needs nodes or another “corner” scripted_sequence like I said, or even just make a floor there for her to walk over.