TASMG series

this is the release of my first real project, the TASMG series. these weapons feature costume sounds, effects, and models. The weapon base i made is based off of the CSS realistic weapon base. If there are any problems or suggestions please post them here.
i made
Each gun has unique stats. The TASMG 1 has a fast fire rate and a large 55 round clip. The TASMG 2 is extremely accurate but has a lower fire rate and clip size then the others but a lot of damage. It also has single, auto and burst fire modes the TASMG 3 does decent damage, and has better accuracy then the TASMG 1. It can do single and Automatic firing. Each weapon has a unique sound and model, but still has the same feel to the others so thats why i made it a series. They have costume shooting effects, and the base is pretty nice and fully functioning. If there are any problems are glitches please tell me here because they work for me but might not for you.

And yes these are not the best SWEPs but im not that good of a programmer so get over it. EX: they dont have anything super special about them like the madcow weapons.

also fro some reason the pictures wont load here and i dont know how to get that little download box thing so some help would be nice thanks

Shouldn’t this go in scripted weapons? Anyways, more info please?

These weapons look like something you can easily do with a weapon generator. What makes them so different from the more original scripted weapons out there?

If they’re not the best then why release them?

Well first off these have a weapon base that i created, custom models that i found lying around, and custom effects that i also found but dont know who they belong to. I put a lot of effort into these and i think they came out pretty nicely considering my skill level.

Well by that i mean they work fine but dont have anything extremely interesting like shooting things other then bullets.
I dont expect you to like them but i would like some more critic about the weapons then just saying “why did you release it?”