Taste the Cake

Hey guys,

Here is the first music video machinima I have finished featuring music I made myself. YouTube has cracked down on anything with copyrighted music, but I loved making music videos, so it seemed the best option. I plan on finishing a new one of these every 2 weeks for machinima.com now.

I hope you enjoy it.

That sir, was epic, original music added to an original game, the music was pretty good I must say, if you added some pretty lights to the video, I would have thought of it as an acid inspired Portal hallucination.

Good god this is great. Can we have the mp3.?:buddy:

This is fucking genius.


Only four replies?
This is a great video, good job.

Great vid, nice work, nuff said

Oh My God, MP3 please

Holy fucking shit. A lot better than anything I could do. Props to you.

We want mp3 and lyrics!

This is like, the best Portal-themed machinima video yet.


Download link…


MP3 naow

Where did you get the Aperture dude model?

He made it himself.

Really nice video. Music was very impressive.

where is the ****** mp3 we want it!!!

mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3!!!
I love the song! Genius work, very nicely done! :slight_smile:

Holy Jesus! Awesome! Keep up the good work !

This is god like. I’ve always wondered what a Portal story based song would sound like, and you made it come true. Stunning.