Tasty Cools 7 + trailer

Howdy doody. I am Seibmoz and these are my Tasty Cools. I’ve been making this ridiculous series of Garry’s Mod videos for years now and I’d just like to share the latest one (as well as a trailer for [del]Star Wars[/del] Tasty Cools 8.).

Have a wonderful day!

3:44 why no “You’re a big guy” reference?

Damn, that’s freaking ton of animation, congrats for having the fortitude to continue a series this long.

Holy shit. And I thought you weren’t going to make anymore.

I used to watch the earlier Tasty Cools and it’s nice to see them come back.

I really loved Tasty Cools 7. Especially the whole zombie part.

And I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, but Mercy Hospital was in the background (I guess just mainly the word ‘mercy’) when Coach decided not to kill the Hitman guy or whatever. I found that cool.

even though everyone came from the opposite direction, but shhh don’t tell anyone. that was artistic license.

Great googly… all those animations! Impressive piece of work. I don’t know if I quite understand it but impressive, nonetheless.