"Tasty Meal" A Zombie feasting on some military chick's corpse

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Bigger Version : http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/031/8/8/tasty_meal_by_the_combine-d4o7ssp.jpg

His fingers look strange, And mortal kombat characters do not fit with L4D zombies. But other than that you did a good job.

Why dont they fit?

She doesn’t look like she is from the military.

Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat. Some special forces team or something I dont know.

This is what low budget movies from the 90’s want you to believe about female individuals in the army

This is what they really wear:


I think you know Mortal Kombat, all the women look like that there.

yep, no sense of tactical advantage, just boobs and ass all up in this bitch. It’s like you kidnaped some models and forced them to put bondage clothes from the 80’s. Even army porn movies have standards since the actors wear bdu’s.

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Okay, i’ll stop now.

Do you have some sort of gore fetish? With my psychology hat on, it’s really unsettling the amount of gore towards women you output. It’s a nice picture regardless.

Pure coincidence. Thanks for commenting.

That Zombie is making some sexy eyes at me!