Tater|Massloot&JoMammaPVP|Arena|Rmv|Insta|NoDecay| Kits|NoFall|AntiCheat

“Tater|Massloot&JoMammaPVP|Arena|Rmv|Insta|NoDecay|Kits|NoFall|AntiCheat” Great PVP Arena best ive seen so far on any rust server they even have weapon ammo and med boxs inside the Ocean arena!!!.
if your looking for a crazy good massloot and pvp server this is the place for you and they also have the best anticheat ive ever seen the server auto bans hackers when it see violations and denys anyone with a previous account vacban entry to the server.
net.connect now and join the tater nation

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Updated post:Tater massloot and Jo Mamma PVP Have Combined servers GET IN NOW BEFORE WE FILL UP AGAIN, SERVER CAN HOLD 100!!

There are 8 different warp locations all ready for use to get to the arena, along with several other warps for easy access to other locations on the map.
Default Loadouts geared up so your ready to jump right back into the pvp arena after every death!!

M4(2):1(24):Holo sight;Laser Sight
Large Medkit:10
Small Rations:15
Leather Pants:1
Leather Boots:1
Leather Vest:1
Leather Helmet:1

556 Ammo:500

Honestly we have created one of the Greatest PVP Arenas I have seen on any rust server to date, we have weapon crates ,ammo crates, and med box’s inside the Ocean arena to supply up!!!.
You can Create Factions and take on teams in weekly pvp arena.
Individual kill leaderboards reset every Sunday 8am pacific time and the winners are rewarded with a kit that can be redeemed once a day for 7 days; the kit is exclusive to them only until next weeks winners are announced.
The top 3 players on the kills leaderboard per week will receive,

PVP ARENA WEEKLY WIN KIT x7 uses for the winners
Explosive Charge:5
Supply Signal:1
MP5A4(4):1(24):Flashlight Mod;Holo sight;Laser Sight;Silencer
Kevlar Boots:1
Kevlar Pants:1
Kevlar Vest:1
Kevlar Helmet:1

so if your looking for a crazy good mass loot and pvp server this is the place for you!!!
We also have the best state of the art anti cheat for rust unlike any other server I have ever seen.
The server will automatically ban any hackers that join with a previous account vac ban and when it sees a violation in speed, jump height, auto kills or kill distance above that of the range of the gun the player will be automatically kicked by the server.

Thanks, Tatermin Team & JO MOMMA PVP