Tatsunoko vs Capcom Megaman, Roll, Zero and Karas

Well, Tatsunoko vs Capcom has finally hit America.

The models may not be the highest quality, but compared to the Megaman Volnutt/Trigger we have now, they’re much better.

Not to mention we don’t have Roll, Zero (Classic), or Karas.

So those are who I’m requesting, with finger posing, eye and face posing (where possible) or multiple ragdolls with differently textured faces for different emotions or something (obviously, this doesn’t apply to Karas). Oh, and with their respective weapons, if possible. Such as Karas’s sword (both unleashed form and regular would be cool), the Z Saber, Roll’s Broom, and the different forms of Megaman’s buster.


Thanks in advance, I appreciate it!

don’t mind megamans face its due to backface culling reversing the polys that can be easily fixed.

It’s like a DOLL’S eyes…

Oh good god demon megaman…

Any chance we can get Morrigan? That would be nice…

Sweet jesus the amount of sex poses that would result…

Zero is pretty badass.

No fair beating me to the requests. XP

Anyway, in terms of Tatsunoko characters, the ones I want other than what the TC provided are Viewtiful Joe, Frank West, Yatterman, Yatterman-2 and Doronjo

Do Morrigan :q: God, I remember playing her on the dreamcast on the firsts Marvel vs Capcom games just too see her boobs lol Haha great times.




And that was REALLY fast.

Holy crap. I think a piece of my soul died from awesomeness levels.

Not any of the ones requested but its a start:


unfortunatly they have no mouth pieces so its gonna have to be expression changes on textures i’m afraid =/

Holy shit, Casshan! I love Casshan!

You are now a new deity I must worship, sir.

And if it has to be expression changes, then so be it. It’s worth it to have these!

Thank you so much!

…Why don’t whoever you are play Ultimate All Stars before rating me bad spelling? Because it’s quite clearly spelled Casshan in that game, and oh, hold on a minute…THIS IS A TATSUNOKO VS CAPCOM REQUEST THREAD!

What the hell?! Is that Mr.X?!

sure is check my main resident evil wip thread for more details on those kind of models. =P

Can ya do Morrigan as well? I would love to get my hands on her! (and not for sexposes and shit like that)



think i’m gonna have to take my time on that one

Where’d that Casshern thread go anyways?
Someone was looking for that thing.

Well, they might just be getting it now!

Go ahead, take all the time you need with Morrigan. I can wait.

By the looks of it, you’ve got A LOT to work on.

Morrigan is just Scary right now. Megaman is pretty damn Cool looking other than the creepy eyes.