Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Models

I am still currently working on converting the models from Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, it will still take a while as I have to do each file through the BRRES Viewer, the only issue I’m not sure how to fix on the models is they have a layer over them for shading I am guessing, and there are multiple models or parts on top of each other like the hands for example.

I should be uploading the models and textures soon so you guys can have fun with them. So far I’m about half way done converting the models, still have to do the textures.

I wouldn’t mind porting Karas into GMod. Pretty epic stuff!

In BRRES viewer there’s option to hide the parts you don’t like and export only what you see :P, same games use multiple loading parts instead of making hand joints and animating the hands… How lazy could some devs get… :smiley:

Interesting I’ll have to find this in BRRES and then I can start uploading all the characters here, the hand issue has been the only thing stopping me from proceeding.

I will wait so.


if its like MvC or UMvC they shoudl be seperate models and you just keep deleting them until you find the neutral position

I wasn’t able to solve the duplicate hand issue, but here’s the Gatchaman models.

And if anyone has a single character request I’ll do what I can to find it in the game files.

Bumpo, anyone want anything out of the game?

taka man blade… well really all the models