"tattered,battered, could say I'm shattered"

Continuing the story but skip ahead a while.
The song will set a mood for the picture.


C&C all

Odd posing.

nice atmosphere - slightly awkward stance which seems to be a problem for you

those models you’ve been using are slightly interesting
cod4 marines + ???

CoD4 marines+MW2 keffeyeh.
It’s my personal skin and is linked to the DL in the thread if you want it.
all thought the more gear version has no face posing.

real men show no facial expression nor emotion

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dat links broke

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oh boy shortened link

I think that will work.
It just did for me.

back of slash…

Front stab.

i like when my house’s power shuts off at only my portion of the house while im playing gmod
gr8 fukken gr8

I like the APC in the background.

It’s a T-80 :v:

Someone told me I should bump that thread. He threatened me, I had no choice.

It’s true

cool shading

Thanks it took for ever to do this.