Taunts for any Gamemode!

This is a Tauntsystem for the most common gamemodes

What is it?
Its a simple addon to taunt your mates or enemys.
Use the F2 Button to say some random texts at any pitch from HL2 or use custom ones!
or just use the console command = taunt



Just drop the taunts in your addons folder and edit the sh.config.lua


  • Easy to customize, you can take every sound you want!
  • Easy to install
  • Supports TTT and Deathrun and Sandbox!
  • Sometimes you get some funny acts and voices.


Thanks to

  • Synix28 - He is a good video model

Mind adding pictures of the GUI and what it looks like? Could you add darkrp support as well, it would be fun to use. One question though, does this use any TTT or Deathrun hooks?

There is no GUI, just hit the button and start taunting/talking.
Im not using any hooks.
I think you can use sandbox for darkrp

Oh okay awesome! Do you mind if I edit this a bit and add a GUI to select a taunt and add more taunts?

Is there any type of demonstration of you using this addon and is there a way to edit the sound to your liking, for example just use a set of sounds from like a Male Rebel or a Bot from Counter-Strike?

Looks like a decent clientside addon too, keep going dude.

@Kyle_1337, you can do that :).
I try to record a video. Give me some time, i’ll give my best :smiley:

Hi, could you add a system that let’s only certain ULX ranks use it?

I partially made it work with this modified code of cl_taunts.lua

net.Receive( "CoreTauntAct", function()
	function checkULX(ply)
		if table.HasValue({"superadmin", "admin"}, ply:GetNWString("usergroup")) then
			local act = table.Random(CoreTaunts.Acts)
			local id = net.ReadString()
			for k,v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
				if v:SteamID64() == id then
					v:AnimRestartGesture(GESTURE_SLOT_ATTACK_AND_RELOAD, act, true)	

The fact is that it works 50% meaning only who is admin or superadmin can dance etc but everyone still can play sound if pressing F2 making a whole mess. Could you implement this feature? Thanks a lot!

Hey, if you’re making your own gamemode, how can you make taunts work on your gamemode? :slight_smile:

I would assume this does not use any DarkRP, TTT or other gamemode hooks so it should work.

I don’t like to make my addon depending to other addons.

I can add a feature for admins, donators etc.
ill add this to the config.

edit: It’s done. I’ve updated it for usergroups