Taunts not being directional or focused

So when we added new taunts it seems like the new taunts are not directional or focused.

What I mean is when someone taunts it seems like that taunt is right on top of them even though they are not even close.

Any idea of what could cause this?

This is on prop hunt btw


I don’t get it, could you reformulate?

Alright let’s use the assault map for an example.

Say there is a prop inside of the little office in the warehouse and he is taunting, the hunter could be at the normal hunters spawn and it would sound like the person taunting is right next to them instead of seeming more faint and coming from the right (where the warehouse is located)

That help? If not I’d more than happily show someone in game.

You’d better show the code you use to play those sounds.

looks like hes playing the sound with the surface library.
Try using this function instead http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/sound/Play
Not sure if this is needed to be used together with it http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/sound/Add

Just using the normal sh_config.lua in the prop_hunt gamemode folder:

That’s not the code that plays the sounds.

Okay well what is then? This is the only thing I changed to play different taunts.

Also I like how you marked this as dumb instead of helping. The lack of people actually helping when they probably know the answer is kind of sickening here. If people who knew what they were doing helped a little more then less questions would end up being asked.

It’s sickening that people won’t download a gamemode and sift through the files to find something that would take you 10 minutes tops to find?

You’d get more help if you showed the actual code that plays the sound, instead of just insulting the people you’re asking to spare their own time to help you.

So why don’t you shake the whole entitled attitude and help us help you?

Not acting entitled, I posted what I thought the code was. I have sifted through the files and could not find said file the controls the sounds.

The code I posted was the only code I had edited and that is what I thought did it.

No one is pointing me in the right direction, just giving attitude per usual or just saying “that’s not it”.

Go die

EDIT: All they’re trying to say is that we get a lot of people who aren’t willing to do a little digging themselves asking questions here, and some people are pretty irritated by this. Not to mention your brazen attitude.

Well I do want to learn this stuff so I don’t have to rely on others, would just be nice if someone would just point me in the right direction instead of argue.

You were already given a direction, all you need to do is to find what function use those tables from the file you posted and use a proper function.

So I do use the file I posted or do I need to keep looking?

No that’s not it, the file you modified simply contains a list of sound files to be used as taunts, it doesn’t contain the code that actually plays them. Try looking for all files that use HUNTER_TAUNTS or PROP_TAUNTS. That’s pretty easy if you’re using something like Notepad++ that has a “find in files” feature.

One google search of PROP_TAUNTS brings up this. I assume it’s the code you’re using.

// Called when player presses [F3]. Plays a taunt for their team.
function GM:ShowSpare1(pl)

if GAMEMODE:InRound() && pl:Alive() && (pl:Team() == TEAM_HUNTERS || pl:Team() == TEAM_PROPS) && pl.last_taunt_time + TAUNT_DELAY <= CurTime() && #PROP_TAUNTS > 1 && #HUNTER_TAUNTS > 1 then

	// Select random taunt until it doesn't equal the last taunt.
		if pl:Team() == TEAM_HUNTERS then
			rand_taunt = table.Random(HUNTER_TAUNTS)
			rand_taunt = table.Random(PROP_TAUNTS)
	until rand_taunt != pl.last_taunt
	pl.last_taunt_time 	= CurTime()
	pl.last_taunt 		= rand_taunt
	pl:EmitSound(rand_taunt, 100)


The reason is one or both of the following:
a) The sounds you’re trying to add are stereo and not mono. Stereo sounds need to start with a “)” character to be forced to play in directional mode. Example if I have something.wav in my sound/ folder I would need to call
b) The sound level is actually way too loud. 100 is basically the entire map unless you’re on flatgrass.

Probable solution:
pl:EmitSound(rand_taunt, 100)
pl:EmitSound(")"…rand_taunt, 70)

And PS, no. We don’t know the answer to a problem by you giving us the config file and we’re not obligated to search for you.

That’s not what I meant but thank you for your help, that actually did help, thank you.

Along with using pl:EmitSound(")"…rand_taunt, 70)
is this how I should have my taunts in my sh_config:

// Sound files hunters can taunt with
// You need at least 2 files listed here

or should would just the pl:EmitSound change do that?

Then instead of doing what I said before, just add a ) before all of the taunts that still don’t sound directional. You can make it faster by opening the sound files in Audacity and seeing which ones have 2 channels. Those are the ones you need a ) for.

pl:EmitSound(rand_taunt, 70)

The way you have it right now it would be putting a )) before the sound which would either crash the game or not work.