Tauntshop for Pointshop

Im wondering how to add Taunts to the Pointshop which can be equipped and played when a key is pressed


Use ply:PS_HasItem() when the player tries to call the taunt.
Also make sure the CATEGORY.AllowedEquipped is set to more than 1/2

Hi sorry I have basic knowledge of Lua, I was looking for the whole thing I would write to even add a taunt to the pointshop

Nobody’s gonna give you the whole thing.
Create a new category called taunts (In lua/pointshop/items), with the __category file (Copy one from a different category then edit it to your liking).
Create files (Copy playermodel/weapon file and remove the OnEquip/Sell/Buy/Holster functions)
Then when the taunt is called, run a ply:PS_HasItem()

By whole thing I meant one template of a taunt not a whole tauntshop

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What key would I press to play the taunt